Top 5 Movie Production Companies In The World

Watching Top 5 Movie across different platforms and medium is a very popular hobby of many of us.  Movies over the years have become an integral part of ourselves and in this way movies production companies have also become like household names for us. Now have you ever wondered which are the top five movies production studios in the whole world. If not then here is the list for you.


The List

•Universal Pictures: The studio was founded in 1912 and since then it has produced 346 movies till date. The studios has contributed in the making of the Fast and the Furious franchisee, Jurassic Park movies and the movies of King Kong. Till now the studio has generated more than $44 billion in revenue.

•Warner Bros: This company was founded in 1923. The studio has produced more than 5000 television episodes for various shows and around 7000 movies since the beginning. Some of the major works of this cooperation are the entire Harry Potter series, The Matrix series and the movie Joker. The net worth of this studio is so around $40 billion.

•The Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group: It was founded in 1924. Columbia pictures is the company’s largest branch. The production house is responsible for the latest Spiderman movie and has a net worth of just around $40 billion.

•Walt Disney Pictures: The studio was founded in 1923 as a sub part of the Walt Disney company. The studio has developed all the Disney movies out there along with The Pirates of Caribbean movies and mammoth Avengers: Endgame as well. The company has a net worth of around $38 billion.

•Paramount: It was founded in 1912 and ViacomCBS is its biggest branch. The movies like Titanic, the Transformer series and the Mission Impossible movies are all the works of this production house. It has a net worth of around $30 billion.

There you are then. Now you know the names of the top five movies productions companies.

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