Top 5 Cool Gadget Of 2022: Which One Is Your Favourite?

The CES 2022 tech gala concluded very recently. Like every year, this year’s CES event brought to us a lot of cool and innovative Gadget to make our lives better. Today we will take a brief look at the top 5 gadgets that were revealed at CES 2022.


The Gadget

1.Nothing Ear:

These are some cool looking ear buds. The makers of these ear buds says that it will deliver the best quality audio at a very affordable price. The ear pods are available for buying on Amazon for $134.30.

2.Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3:

This product really does not need any introduction. Samsung have been marketing it as the most affordable foldable smartphone. It is available for a price of $1287.42.

3.DAB Motors Concept-E:

Sooner or later Electric vehicles will dominate the vehicle market and DAB Concept-E bike is an optimistic step towards the future. The bike will have a range of 112km and will be able to reach the top speed of 104km per hour. Its price is yet to be declared.

4.Sony HT-A9:

You will be amazed when you will see this product but actually this 4 set of speaker is full grown music system. You can use it with your TV easily and have a true Dolby Atmos experience. All of this will come at a price of $2170.57. 

5.Zephyr PRO RGB sweat-

proof gaming mouse: While using a mouse attached to your PC there are a lot of times when sweat from your hand can mess up the mouse. The answer to that is this new mouse which has a tiny fan inside it that will dry off your sweat. It is available for a price of $59.

These are some really cool gadgets that you should explore and give a try.

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