Top 25 Technology Research Paper Topics in 2021

While students learn, they have to write many academic assignments. They have various purposes for developing all the necessary skills in students. Some assignments are pretty straightforward, and the others may give you some trouble. Thus, a research paper is one of the most complicated projects. It requires in-depth knowledge, advanced skills, and a lot of time. 

Writing a technology research paper could be challenging for many students. It requires time and effort to research the topic. Furthermore, following the correct structure requires attention to detail. However, if you have good experience in writing custom case study solutions, then you shouldn’t worry about creating a research paper on technology. It requires almost the same kind of writing technique with a bit of a different approach.

Besides, the subject plays a vital role as well. Many students struggle when they write technology projects, and even a selection of a topic may become a serious problem.

Not all students can handle such a project successfully and frequently look for research paper help online from academic writers on CustomWritings, for instance. Also, they ask to generate relevant academic paper topics. It’s a reliable method but should not be your main solution. It’s better to save up your money and read free guides similar to this one. It provides the top-25 research paper topics on technology for the year 2021. Besides, it contains many useful tips and tricks.

Let’s review our list of ideas for you:

  1. How dangerous may a digital world be?
  2. Cloud computing and the main benefits it proposes.
  3. The long-term effects of living in a technological world.
  4. School computerization is the right path to a bright future.
  5. Social media spoils our children.
  6. The main cons of technology in the classroom.
  7. How can technology improve education?
  8. Why education and technology cannot go separately today?
  9. The main differences between technological progress in China and the USA.
  10. Why are e-books better than typical paper books?
  11. How can technology ensure convenience at home?
  12. The influence of cell phones on children.
  13. Cell phone addiction: how serious is it?
  14. How much time should children spend in front of their gadgets?
  15. The best writing apps for students.
  16. What learning apps can help to improve skills?
  17. Handwriting vs. typing on a laptop.
  18. Social media makes people isolated.
  19. How did technology change our lives in the last decade?
  20. The pros and cons of the Internet.
  21. A short history of the Internet in the USA.
  22. Why do industrial counties require automation?
  23. The rise of machines: Is it possible?
  24. The potential of artificial intellect and its value for humanity.
  25. How do video games affect teenagers?

Choose whatever topic appeals to you and disclose it. You may also generate your own list, which is based on our ideas. Thus, you will never have a lack of interesting issues to discuss.

The Main Sections of a Research Paper

If you want to write a perfect research paper on technology, you should learn its main sections. Each has certain purposes and demands. Define them all to avoid serious mistakes. 

Make allowances for the following sections:

  • Title. It’s the face of any project, and it plays a vital role. Although it’s a single sentence, it can attract potential readers or scare them off. That’s why you should give special heed to its quality. You can create either a descriptive title (The Effects of Technology on Teenagers) or a conclusive (Technology Positively Affects Teenagers).
  • Abstract. This section is a summary of the entire project, and it is stated in the very beginning. Although it may be weird to mention the results so early, it’s a compulsory demand to let readers know whether the outcomes might be interesting to them. It’s about 150-300 words long. Using this word limit, you must briefly mention the basic intro, methods used, major outcomes, discussion, and final summary.
  • Introduction. This section contains the general background of research and is divided into three parts (but it’s not always so). It clarifies why the research was carried out, states the nature of the project, and explains the main issue. Its length ranges between 500 and 700 words.
  • Literature review. It explains the importance of all researches that were done before this one. A researcher must evaluate them and thus clarify why he or she has chosen this particular theme.
  • Methods. By composing this section, a researcher should mention all the methods used to accomplish the project, explain his/her choices and the functions of those methods.
  • Results. Here you should describe all the findings you have managed to receive during your research. However, you should not discuss the outcomes. Simply mention them all.
  • Discussion. This section allows for interpreting the results of your research and the findings you’ve received. Be sure to mention the practical or theoretical implication of your project, give a big summary, show any relation to the previous studies, and reveal any abnormalities or unexpected outcomes (if there are any).
  • Acknowledgment. By using this section, you must leave your gratitude to all people who have somehow contributed to your research. These are your professors, fellow students, College Board, scientists, and others.
  • References. Finally, you should mention all the information sources you have used to complete your project. Make sure you follow the guidelines of the assigned writing format, which may be APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian, etc. The maximum limit of references for a research paper is 100 sources.

Remark: The name and position of the research paper’s sections may vary from one college to another. Nevertheless, the requirements are commonly the same. We recommend clarifying this matter with your academic supervisor before you begin to write.

Short Tips

We’d like to finish our guide with a few effective tips.

  • Understand all the demands;
  • Avoid slang, technical terms, jargon, etc.;
  • Stick to a passive voice;
  • Write short and simple sentences;
  • Stick to a reasonable outline;
  • Be logical;
  • Make smooth transitions.

You are welcome to use our topic list to disclose vital issues in technology. Besides, it serves as visual support of how relevant topics should be like. Make use of the tips and tricks we have also mentioned to write a perfect research paper on technology in 2021.


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