Top 10 tech billionaires of 2021

Tech Billionaires

With hundreds of billions of dollars at stake, Big Technology is under attack. In the United States, various government agencies have taken on the task of containing the rapid growth of technology companies in wealth and influence, accusing them of violating antitrust regulations. 

In terms of technology, the ultra-wealthy are now in a class of their own. As of September 3, 2021, one-fifth of the wealthiest people in the United States are tech billionaires. This group of 80 billionaires is worth a total of $1.6 trillion. 

Only a very small group, even among the wealthiest of the wealthiest, has control of the majority of wealth. All 103 billionaires in the Forbes 400 who derive their wealth from finance and investments have a total fortune of $925 billion, which is more than the fortunes of this year’s seven wealthiest technology billionaires. The Forbes 400 class of 1982 was valued at $92 billion, but these seven tech titans are worth more than that. 

1. Jeff Bezos’ net worth grew from $179 billion to $201 billion

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos stepped down from his position as CEO in July after 27 years, but he continued to serve as the company’s chairman. Blue Origin, his space company, launched Bezos into space in late July, and he has since shifted his attention to other endeavours. 

tech billionaires of 2021
tech billionaires of 2021

2. Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth has surpassed $135 billion.

While facing an antitrust lawsuit, Facebook was one of a few companies to reach $1 trillion market value for the first time in June this year, joining Microsoft and Amazon. 

3. Bill Gates: Tech Billionaires

In 2019, Gates’ divorce from Melinda is the second-costliest divorce in history, after Jeff Bezos’ $35 billion divorce from MacKenzie Scott. 

4. Larry Page

Net worth- $123 billion

5. Sergey Brin’s net worth has grown to $118.5 billion. 

The co-founders of Google recently resumed stock sales in Alphabet, which they had not done since 2017. 

6. Larry Ellison has a net worth of $117.3 billion (up from $72 billion). 

Oracle co-founder and chairman Larry Ellison (Tech billionaires) has relocated to Hawaii, where he now lives, from California.  

7. Steve Ballmer

He has risen from $69 billion to $96.5 billion in net worth. 

8.Mackenzie Scott

MacKenzie Scott’s net worth has risen to $58.5 billion (from $57 billion), according to Forbes. 

9.Michael Dell: Tech billionaires

In terms of net worth, his networth has risen from $35.6 billion to $50.1 billion. He is the founder of Dell computers.

A $25 billion leveraged buyout by Dell’s founder and CEO, Michael Dell, in 2013 was the largest in the history of technology. 

10. Pierre Omidyar

From $17.2 billion to $25.3 billion, Pierre Omidyar’s wealth has increased. 

He is the founder of eBay and PayPal.It was announced that Omidyar had resigned from the board of directors of eBay, the online marketplace he founded in 1995.

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