Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki, has responded to season 2 news.

Tom Hiddleston, a Loki star, expressed his pleasure with the second season of the Marvel Show.

In the middle of this week’s first final, the Disney+ series acknowledged the news after many hanging films remained in a massive cliffhanger.

Hiddleston reacted to the news and said to “Thank you so much; I’ve not been able to do Season 1 yet, that we can get another go. Opportunities I’m so enthusiastic about.

“We’re in talks already. Profound, thorough, insightful talks. I cannot just wait to start.” 

The actor from Loki added: “I’d want to thank the audience for not being able to do a Season 2 without the audience. Season 1 was full of surprises, I hope. Season 2 will, I believe, be packed with much more.”

This is confirmed by second-season rumours, with a recent report stating that it would start filming in January 2022.

With the first episode of an incredible 731 million minute watching, the show has become a big hit for Disney+, which defeated the former Marvel Disney+, show Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVision.

It was also stated that 14 million Disney+ users viewed the episode ‘Glorious Purpose.’

Loki stars include Gugu, Mbatha-Raw, Owen Wilson, Wunmi and Sophia Di Martino, along with Hiddleston. Season 1 is only on Disney+ for streaming. The formal confirmation was made of Season 2.


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