Tom Cruise Proved To Us He’s More Than Just An Action Hero

Tom Cruise a movie star who has worked on so many complicated projects that stunt coordinators are constantly looking for new ways to get out of their own way. However, Cruise has not always been regarded as the ultimate action hero by the general public. Before landing the role of Ethan Hunt in the Mission: Impossible film series, the actor was seen in a number of films that showcased his other acting abilities.

Some films deserve special mention, particularly because they demonstrate Tom Cruise’s effectiveness as a leader and as a supporter to varying degrees. His actions are all off the beaten path, and each one has the distinct spark that has become synonymous with a Tom Cruise film.

Early in his career, Tom Cruise was cast in classic teen films such as All The Right Moves and, above all, Risky Business. In a John Hughes-style comedy, Cruise plays Joel, a young man who engages in a prostitution scam, damages a Porsche, and needs to replace a costly vase. That explains why he does so well in comedic roles.

The character-driven drama was an area that offered many great possibilities before becoming an action-based show, but after his years, Tom Cruise represented the dewy-eyed young sweetheart. The film A Few Good Men showed everyone that a dramatic role in comparison with his performance is nothing.

Tom Cruise’s Acting skills are as good as his stunts

The British remake of the Spanish film Abre Los Ojos was Cameron Crowe and Tom Cruise reunited in 2001 for Vanilla Sky.

Instead of returning to the same moul that made Jerry Maguire famous, CroWE created Cruise’s character, David Ames, and participated in this mental mystery, which remains one of the best teapots in any film.

Before we learned that it was even better to let Tom Cruise go dark once in a while, because Tom Cruise films benefit from portraying him as a hero. To follow that advice, Cruise was cast in Michael Mann’s Collateral as Vincent, a hitman on a dangerous mission. It’s unsettling to hear Tom Cruise play a villain, but his performance has been outstanding.

The dynamic duo Tom Cruise and Steven Speilberg adapted H G Wells’s War of the Worlds into one of their two films, and a Sci-Fi classic was refreshingly modernised. As the Martian invaders begin to take control of the Earth, Cruise’s Ray Ferrier tries to defend and identify family members in one of his few film father roles.


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