To get a major boost, running Windows apps on Linux is what comes next

The v6 has been recently released with all major improvements needed. And named Wine, the popular layer of compatibility for running Windows apps on Linux. Undoubtedly, this going to be the first major release by the project in this year 2021. And all happen with following Wine’s schedule of making one major release every year with improvements and fresh updates.

Wine can’t be listed among emulators as what the previous version is said as. It is a compatibility layer designed to allow games and apps to run on non-native environments like Linux, and originally was for only Microsoft.  

All Linux users with Wine will be allowed to easily access more than 27000 Windows apps and games on Linux. This apps also includes  popular ones such as Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office. After year’s worth of development that saw over around 8300 changes this Wine 6.0 came up. And all these is been shared by Alexandre Julliard the person who created this in the release announcement.

What’s new

Its been said by Juilliard that the release notes are exhaustive. And with that it he also highlighted some of the main changes in the release.

In this new Wine 6, the core Windows DLLs is said to be built in the Portable Executable (PE) format. As per what Juilliard said, this feature will help the user to enhance certain copy protection schemes and support.

The support will be provided to those that on disk checking the DLL files. More to this also the files which are identical to the internal memory contents. For functions that cannot be controlled by the Win32 APIs will now be solved with a new mechanism that will bind Unix libraries to PE modules. 

This is all we know about the the new Wine layer that allows Windows apps and games to be freely accessed in LunixOS. If you have any suggestion regarding what to bring next to queries related to this contact us. 


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