TLA Black Women in Technology will publish a book about tech role models.

A non-profit organisation is raising funds to publish a book featuring black women in technology as part of its mission to provide role models for young people in UK schools.

TLA Black Women in Tech is publishing a book featuring 51 black women in the technology sector in an effort to inspire young people to pursue careers in technology.

TLA Black Women in Tech will distribute this book for free to 300 schools in the United Kingdom and Ireland once it is published.

Flavilla Fongang, founder of TLA Black Women in Tech, stated, “Despite my mother, I didn’t see any aspirational black women growing up.” Black people in London fared better than those in Paris.

“My ambitions had grown. In many cases, we tend to believe only what we see. In the absence of better representation, the less fortunate are frequently left with limited aspirations. This is why I wrote this book. Voices in the Shadow provides a platform for talented black women who are under-represented. We have the ability to influence current and future generations.”

For some girls, not choosing tech subjects because they believe they are “too difficult” is a factor, as is having misconceptions about the types of people who choose tech careers because they don’t see other people like them working in the field.

2% of IT specialists are black

Girls who drop out of STEM subjects frequently regret their decision, and young women would like to hear more encouragement from women who are already working in the field.

Similarly, the UK’s tech industry is lacking in diversity. According to a recent BCS report, approximately 2% of IT specialists are Black, African, Caribbean, or Black British.

TLA Black Women in Tech believes that by educating young people, particularly young black women, about people like them in the industry, its book contributes to the resolution of these issues by allowing them to see that there is a future for them in tech.

When the book is released on October 28, 2021, Black Women in Tech (TLA) will distribute copies to 300 schools in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

It will be released on October 28, 2021, which is also Black History Month in the UK.

Once a student has finished reading the book, it will be passed on to someone else, according to the programme.

In addition to those who are already employed, the project hopes to reach those who are just beginning their careers in technology and those who have not yet decided on a career path.


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