“Titans” Actor Teases Season 3 Episode 5 Shirtless Jason Todd Scene

“Titans” actor Curran Walters pose shirtless for Jason Todd in episode 5 of season 3. 

Curran Walters in the post:

Walters has loaded his social media handle with a lot of teasers while the production of “Titans”. His latest post was all about the episode 5 of season 3. As shown above, he showed his shirtless photo in a mirror selfie.

Along with the photo, he captioned it as, “shirtless scenes in 30o are not very fun!” 

Seems like Walter is showing off his body! 

Here you can go through the interview of Curran Walters in which he revealed about his crush and inspiration. A video must to watch!  

Something about “Titans”:

In 2018, Titans was the first original series to stream on the DC Universe. It was first live-action of Teen Titans. The show was a mega-hit despite of some criticisms. Still, “Titans” managed to have season 2 and 3. 

Season 2 was streamed few years back and season 3 was temporarily postponed because of giant pandemic COVID-19. 

Production of season 3 was started in October. The upcoming episodes are expected to bring some thrilling experiences as before. With the addition of character of Barbara Gordon to Kori in the face of Starfire. 

The most appealing part of season 3 is Jason changing into vigilante Red Hood. Jason left this look in season 2 but brought back the transition August this year.

Synopsis of “Titans”:

Red Hood’s “Titans” is loaded with a lot of excitement and curiosity. 

Those who have read comic knows that Jason will become Red Hood after getting murdered by the Joker. While donning the red mask, he tries to avoid the fate which will bring destruction. 

This is how Red Hood will be seen in upcoming season of “Titans”. 

When will “Titans” get released?

The date is not officially announced yet. But according to anticipation, fans can get the 10-15 episodes of “Titans” season 3 by the middle of 2021. 

We know that that is very lengthy time to wait. But fans can do anything. And regularly check out the social media handle of Walter to get more updates and teasers.

More details about season 3 will be revealed pretty soon.

Till then, regularly refresh the page to get more updates and notifications.


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