“Titanic”: Rose’s Necklace Plot Hole Explained!

We all know very well about the affect “Titanic” movie by James Cameron caused when it was out in 1997. The movie set a new height in movie industry. The movie was on the top at that time. 


A simple and classic love story having a tragedic end. This can be simplest “Titanic” can be described.

17-year-old Rose from an orthodox family, all set to get married and start a new life. She went to Titanic, came across Jack Dawson, a painter, and falls in love with him. Storyline has a small plot hole considering the necklace. No love story is complete without having any loophole in it. This movie was no exception.

Now we will discuss about the plot hole in detail.

Plot hole:

Rose was enjoying her solo-company in room after getting saved by Jack. Cal comes to him but she was busy in her own “melancholy”. He comes with a gift- 55-carat diamond (of Henry XVI previously). Rose gets so happy. Rose wears it and called it “The Heart of The Ocean” and loves it. This happened the day before art session with Jack. 

This was the reason she claimed that “she wore it only once”. This was the plot hole. She was wearing the necklace just because of its beauty. Not because it was gifted by Cal.

Necklace was important element in second half. Cal deceives DiCaprio and used diamond as a tool. At the end, it was revealed that Rose has “The Heart of The Ocean” with her all time but she wore it only once.

Here is all you want to know about “Heart of the Ocean”-


Diamond necklace was last memory of Jack, Rose was having. Both men die tragically, and memory faded with the time. Rose was very well aware that necklace she was wearing was only to pose for Jack.

Regardless of plot hole, no one can forget the fact Titanic left on all of us. It’s been almost 20 years Jack and Rose love story filled our heart.

Titanic was most expensive movie ever (before 2009 movie by James Cameron, “Avatar” was released). It was a huge success too. It was the highest grossing movie of all time. Apart from its content and acting of casts, there was something unique in movie which made it fascinating.


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