Creative artist and pop singer Tinashe is going to release her album named 333 on the 6th of August. Before the release, she talks about her album and reveals the reason why she was inspired to make this album.


She starts by explaining that her mind never runs out of ideas and she is getting more and more ideas ever since she left Republic Records. She explains that her new album is a blend of spirituality and virtual reality. She says that her new album will have a futuristic feel to it. She says that the fans will find the song similar to the ones she has already sung but at the same time they will have a fresh feeling as well.

She continues by saying that her new album will be very positive in nature. She has done so because she feels that people are still down after the lockdown of the previous year. She did not want to make something that had a sad or melancholy feel to it. She feels that her new album will help spread positivity and hopefulness in the world.

She goes on to explain how she made the album during the lockdown. She explains that it was tough and rewarding at the same time. She says that her thought process, ideas, feelings, and experiences helped her shape the idea for the album and decide on the type of song she will feature.

When asked about her favorite song from the album she says that it is “Bouncin”. She feels that she likes the song because it is very special and close to her heart.

The way Tinashe describes her album signifies that she is very excited about the release. She feels that her fans will really love it.

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