A global talent war has erupted as a result of the pandemic, with companies all over the world competing for the best employees. As a result of Covid-19, digital development has accelerated in almost every industry, resulting in an increased demand for tech professionals in a variety of fields ranging from contactless payments and curbside pickup to local travel planning tools that are used as a quick getaway alternative.

CompTIA research found that 41 percent of the companies surveyed hired tech workers for the first time ever during the pandemic, which was the first time in the organization’s history. Wages and competition rise as a result of increased demand for talent, making it more difficult for tech companies to find and retain the best employees.

The company has established itself as a global leader in the recruitment, retention, and development of technical talent over the course of the last fifteen years. Here are three suggestions that every company should take into consideration in order to get the most out of their technological resources.

Make your workplace a place where technology is encouraged to be utilized

Organizations must develop and maintain a culture that attracts and retains top-tier technology talent. When employees in today’s labour market expect greater engagement from their employers, it is critical to position your company as one that places a higher value on people than on cutting-edge technology.

Set aside time to plan for obtaining additional feedback from your tech talent, whether through surveys, town hall meetings, or direct conversations with executives. This information can be used to inform high-level leadership discussions as well as strategy, and then it can be shared with tech talent to let them know how leaders are putting their ideas into action.

Consider holding an internal technology conference to encourage knowledge exchange and the development of a corporate culture of technical excellence. Preparing a programme for each of these events that includes a variety of presentations and forums on current business and technology issues should be a priority. Include experts from your company’s strategic and technology vendors, both internally and externally, as well as from other organizations.

According to what I’ve observed, people in the technology industry place a high value on rewards and recognition for their efforts. Often, when the IT team goes above and beyond, such as working through the weekend to move servers to a new location or updating systems to meet stringent security requirements, many employees are unaware of it. For some parts of the organisation, these efforts are frequently “invisible” so be sure to highlight them in your recognition programme.


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