The game subscription service by Apple Co. called the Apple Arcade is going to release three new games very soon this month. Very popular among all iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV users, the service costs $5 a month and offers new games almost every week along with regular updates of games already part of it. Not much is known about the three new games but here is all that we could get for you.


Populus Run: The game will be a causal running game wherein the character will run on a track every much like Subway Surfers. The twist is though that the players will have to use the in game character to protect a crowd running with them from various obstacles along with controlling the character itself. The game has been developed by the developer FiftyTwo. We were able to lay our hands on a screenshot of the game. The controls look simple with a forward arrow on the right side of the screen for moving ahead and two left and right arrows for direction change. 

Nuts: The game is set around the story that squirrels in a particular forest called Melmoth Forest have started to behave abnormally. You are the field researcher who has been tasked with the task of finding out what has happened. In the game you have a hoard of gadgets to work with. The gadgets include cameras, motion sensors, thermal imaging techs and GPS. The tasks in the game are like setting up cameras, observing the footage received, tracking the squirrel’s movements and many more things. The game has been developed by Noodlecake Studios.

Spire Blast: At the core level, this game is Candy Crush in the form of a tower. The objective of the game is to match the same colored bricks to make the tower small and ultimately leveling it to the ground without toppling it. The physics of the game are very realistic. This means to make the tower small correctly, the matching process has to be done precisely or it will be game over. There are dragon companies in the game to help but they have to be taken care off. The game has been developed by Orbital Knight.

The specific release dates of these games are currently unknown but they will arrive at the latest. Keep an eye for them!


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