Oopiri which is the renewed name for the Thozha movie which was first released back in 2008. Vamshi Paidipally directed Oopiri (Breath), a 2016 Indian comedy-drama film. The Intouchables is a remake of the French film The Intouchables, directed by Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano (2011).

In Telugu and Tamil, it was produced by Prasad V. Potluri and Kavin Anne of PVP Cinema as Thozha (transl. Companion). Nagarjuna, Karthi, and Tamannaah star in the film, which also features Prakash Raj, Ali, Vivek, and Jayasudha in supporting roles. Karthi makes his Telugu film debut with this film.

Vikramaditya (Nagarjuna), a quadriplegic billionaire, and Seenu (Karthi), his ex-convict caretaker, are the central characters of the film. The plot revolves around their realization that life and relationships are more important than wealth and disability.

The film’s soundtrack and score were composed by Gopi Sunder, and the cinematographer was P. S. Vinod. The Telugu and Tamil versions were edited by Madhu and Praveen K. L., respectively. The principal photography for the film began in March 2015 and ended in February 2016. The majority of the movie was filmed in and around Chennai and Hyderabad, as well as in Paris, Belgrade, and Novi Sad in Europe.

Oopiri and Thozha were released worldwide on March 25, 2016, with a budget of $500–600 million.

The performances of the main cast, the cinematography, and Paidipally’s role in adapting the original all earned critical acclaim. They became a commercial success, grossing more than $1.02 billion around the world.

Thozha (2016) Tamil Full Movie And Watch Online For Free
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Vikramaditya is a successful businessman who owns a number of companies. A paragliding crash in Paris renders him a quadriplegic. Prasad, Vikramadhitya’s friend, and legal counsel send a letter on his behalf to his girlfriend Nandini, stating that he is not interested in marrying her.

Vikramaditya, his secretary Keerthi, his cook Lakshmi, and a few servants live a hopeless life five years later. He and Keerthi conduct interviews for a caretaker position; several of the contestants seem pretentious and manipulative.

Seenu, a paroled prisoner, applies for the job based on the recommendation of his counsel (Lingam); the job will demonstrate to the court that Seenu is living a law-abiding life, effectively closing his case. His mother (a railway clerk) and siblings Swathi and Kanna despise him.

Seenu is hired by Vikramaditya because he is straightforward and unpretentious. To Prasad, he defends his position, claiming that Seenu is the best guy for the job for the time being and he is the only one who does not feel sorry for him. Seenu is initially hesitant, but once he realizes the magnitude of Vikramadhitya’s disability, he helps him with anything he needs.

He is drawn to Keerthi, but she soon refuses his advances, giving him an inferiority complex.

Vikramaditya has a solely epistolary friendship with a woman named Priya, Seenu discovers. Seenu invites him to visit her, but Vikramaditya is adamantly opposed, fearful of her reaction if she learns of his disability.

Thozha (2016) Tamil Full Movie And Watch Online For Free
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Swathi’s marriage is opposed by Kalidasa, her lover’s father, who mocks their financial situation. Vikramaditya discovers this and, without Seenu’s knowledge, coerces Kalidasu (via Prasad). Swathi respects Seenu after the marriage is arranged.

Vikramaditya agrees and departs for Paris with Seenu and Keerthi. Seenu makes Vikramadhitya happy and uplifts his spirits, impressing Keerthi. He wagers that if Vikramadhitya impresses Jenny, a French dancer, he will propose to Keerthi. Jenny is charmed by Vikramadhitya’s wit, notwithstanding his blindness. After that, Seenu is compelled to propose to Keerthi, who agrees.

Nandini, her husband Abhinav, and their daughter Aadhya visit Vikramaditya, and Seenu tells her about Vikramadhitya’s accident and its consequences. He returns to India, relieved that Nandini is safe, and his cheerful demeanor makes Prasad and Lakshmi happy as well. Kanna later encounters Seenu at Vikramadhitya’s mansion after getting into trouble with a mob.

Recognizing Seenu’s desire to help his family, Vikramaditya releases him from his duties and says he does not want to spend the rest of his life pushing a wheelchair. Vikramaditya is disappointed with his new caretakers and becomes a recluse, despite the fact that Seenu becomes a cab driver, lives a responsible life and regains his mother’s affection.

Prasad contacts Seenu, who arrives and drives Vikramadhitya to Visakhapatnam in a taxi. They dress up and go to a restaurant with a stunning view of the beach. Seenu departs just as Priya enters. Vikramaditya looks out the window and sees Seenu, who gives him a friendly smile and walks away.


•          Nagarjuna as Vikramadhithya (Vikram)

•          Karthi as Seenu

•          Tamannaah as Keerthi

•          Prakash Raj as Prasad Rao (Telugu) / Prasad (Tamil)

•          Jayasudha as Seenu’s mother

•          Ali (Telugu) / Vivek (Tamil) as Lawyer Lingam

•          Kalpana as Lakshmi

•          Tanikella Bharani as Kaalidasu (Telugu) / Kaalidasan (Tamil)

•          Manobala as Old Age Home Warden

•          Nikkita Anil as Swathi

•          Sreenivas Sayee as Kanna

•          Bharath Reddy as a doctor

•          Harsha Vardhan (Telugu) / Naren (Tamil) as a traffic police officer

•          Santhana Bharathi as a police officer (Tamil version only)

•          Pandi as Seenu’s friend

•          Thagubothu Ramesh as Seenu’s friend

•          Raja Ravindra as a police officer

•          Prabhas Sreenu as a prisoner (Tamil version only)

•          Raghu as the traffic police officer’s assistant

•          Uma Padmanabhan as Swathi’s mother-in-law

•          Praveen as Seenu’s friend

•          Gabriella Demetriades as Jenny

•          Satya Krishnan as a physiotherapist

•          Anushka as Nandini

•          Shriya as Priya

•          Adivi Sesh as Abhinav

•          Nora Fatehi as Nemali (in “Door Number Okati” (Telugu) / “Door Number One” (Tamil)).

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Thozha (2016) Tamil Full Movie And Watch Online For Free
Source: YouTube

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