This Year’s Festivities Will Be Hybrid And High-Tech.

Durga Pooja will be performed without the use of any physical objects for the first time. Because there will be many pandals throughout the city during Dasara, various organizations are considering a variety of methods to limit contact while covid is in effect.

BARSHA, the Bengali Association of Sarjapur and HSR Layout Residents, has decided to install thermal scanners at the entrance. People enter the building and their temperatures are taken before they are allowed in.

When the devotee enters, two sensors on either side of the door will detect it. Sensors have been strategically placed throughout the building to detect the entry of children.

“The number of people inside the building will be displayed automatically on our large screen.” It keeps track of everyone because we need to know how many people are here.

It’s physically impossible to do this every time someone comes in. According to BARSHA leader Priyanka Sinha Roy, we can control the crowd by using social distance.

Furthermore, the entire procedure is automated, making it quick and simple to finish. According to Sinha, the premises will be sanitised twice daily, once in the afternoon between 2 and 3 p.m. and again at 8:30 p.m., when the mandapam closes for the evening.

Thanks to the efforts of the state government, the Mysuru Dasara festival will have both a virtual and a physical component. For visitors from all over the state and country, the festival is a must-see.

10,000 Dashara Dolls

This year, 10,000 Dasara dolls were used to decorate a Bengaluru home in Thyagaraj Nagar. Some of Bhagyalakshmi’s dolls are over a century old.

This year's festivities will be hybrid and high-tech.
10,000 Dashara Dolls

There were key scenes from Mahabharata characters like Draupadi “Maanbhanga,” Bheeshma sleeping on an arrow-filled bed, and so on that she chose to depict this year, like Draupadi “Swayamwara,” and so on.

Bhagyalakshmi explained that due to the pandemic, they had to throw away their previous year’s Navaratri dolls. We bought around 250 different dolls and outfitted them with accessories such as hair, dresses, and jewellery because we only had two years.

She explained that it is a family tradition that has been going on for more than 60 years. He told Vinay he liked what she’d done next door.

“There are a lot of dolls to choose from here. There are several ideas at work here. “Every set of dolls tells its own storey,” he explained.

Temple is dressed in titanic-themed attire for the occasion.

Just in time for the Navaratri festival, the world-famous Malleswaram temple has been transformed into a titanic-themed wonderland.

According to Dr Sutram Kiran Shastri, head priest of Vasavi temple Malleshwaram, “Dasara is a festival of lights and celebration, as well as the Puja of Chamudeshwari Devi and Durga Mata Devi.

” This festival is celebrated in various ways throughout the country, and the Vasavi temple Malleshwara has created bespoke decorations for the Dashara festival, where devotees board ships and enjoy the beauty of the ocean.”


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