The game store Steam’s gaming festivals are something to look forward to. Two similar festivals happened in the fall and spring of 2020 as well which the gamers enjoyed  a lot. Bringing more new games to the forefront, the latest Steam Games festival goes live from this Wednesday which means from 3rd February 2021. Here is all that is going to happen in it.


As is the custom of the festivals, the main thing that will happen will be new developers showcasing their games. These new developers will also include some new indie developers and as has been seen previously as well, some games from new indie developers turn out to be the best sellers. As has been reported by Valve, owner of Steam Game store, there will more than 500 new games announced and all the developers of these games will also offer demo versions of them. Apart from demos there will also be panel discussions and live streamed chats.

A few of the new games whose demos will be available are Genesis Noir by Feral Cat Den, The Riftbreaker by Exor Studios, Narita Boy by Studio Koba, Almighty: Kill Your Gods by Runwild Entertainment, Fling to the Finish by Splitside Games and Black Book by Morteshka. Steam has made available a trailer for the festival as well. Check it out here

The Steam Game Festival goes live on 3rd February 2021 from 1pm onwards, ET. The festival ends on 9th February 2021. Mark your calendar now!

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