OVHcloud, probably well understood for its web hosting assistance, has inaugurated a modern tape storage as an assistance contribution, functioning beside IBM and data management company Atempo. The fresh assistance will be governed from four data hubs within France, that should assist industries conform to the data sovereignty regulations.

Whereas subordination expenses have surged constantly in the cloud demand, so too gives birth to the tariff of the storage itself. OVH has selected to utilize tape storage as this proposes the quietest expense per terabyte or each and every storage choices accessible currently. Longevity is another durability, with data stocked on tape apparent for a minimum period of 30 years.

In expansion to utilizing IBM Enterprise 3592 Tape technology, OVH’s recent cloud storage assistance will influence Atempo’s Miria outlet to depart, govern and coordinate the data being stocked. OVHcloud will hold the data in its recent attached facilities, prioritizing the protection of its consumers’ data.


The Chief sales Executive, Sylvain Rouri of OVHcloud earlier stated that they are extremely delighted that the conjunction of IBM, Atempo and OVHcloud aptitude outcomes in a credible and supreme data conservation solution, and further added that civil and private associations will profit from a collective and greatly protected storage background with their great performance remedies created in a believed cloud.

In expansion to expense advantages, utilizing tape will enable the industries to govern their data further efficiently, shifting few of their archive records to OVHcloud, without having to eliminate data that may be required then in the fortune. With the fresh contribution, industries will be able to retrieve the information stocked on tape in a time window varying from 10 minutes to upto 12 hours.

As of now, OVH has not published expense insights about its fresh storage remedy however, with AWS Glacier, that  proposes an identical exact assistance, costs differ significantly depending upon restoring moment and geography.

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