An all-new version of Microsoft Windows which was supposed to release later has been leaked online. Microsoft has been working on a lightweight version of windows 10 for a long time as low performance devices do not get to run windows 10 smoothly.

The name of the OS is ‘Windows Core Polar’ which has been leaked recently. It is found that the company has been working on it since 2017. The company wanted to release two versions of the OS which will support multiple devices, including mobile phones.

About the two versions of the OS, the first one is named Andromeda which is built for mobile devices and second one is Polaris which will run on Laptops and PCs. Microsoft already has a lightweight version of Windows 10 named ‘Windows 10 S Mode’ but the company wants to make it even better and smoother for low end systems. There are possibilities that there will not be any control panel in Polaris OS.


There is a leaker named Scamdisk who usually leaks unreleased apps and softwares. he is the one who released the Polaris also. The OS with build 16299 was leaked by him but there were no apps or even windows shell in it. Though the leaker added a user manual so that those who can’t run it will know how to run it.

Though the Polaris OS was never supposed to come in market as it’s been cancelled by the company. As there are no apps inside the package, there is not much to expect as it would be so early to comment anything on that.

Currently, Microsoft is working on another OS named Windows 10X. they are not concerned about the windows Core OS now. The company has cancelled both the Polaris and Andromeda where the Windows 10X will replace Polaris and Surface Duo will take the place of Andromeda.

It’s been a really long time since Windows 10 and Microsoft really needed to come up with a new OS as most of the people got bored of using it. If you don’t change with time, there are chances that someone else will take your place who changed with time.

The new Windows 10X is expected to be released by summer this year and people will get to use the new OS soon. 

By the way, when are you planning to use the new OS? In summer after the 10X releases or now with the Polaris?


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