There is a website on the internet where one can buy stolen credit cards and use it to make payments. But it has just announced that it will be shutting down soon.

The name of the website is Joker’s Stash, the site is the largest place on the internet where credit cards are out up for auctions. The site will close its doors on February 15.

The administrator of the site has announced that they will close the site and no further cards will be sold there. There is another Intelligence company named Intel 471 who also posted a blog some days ago where they shared the problems that the site used to face and soon after the post, the site itself announced about closing up.

As per the Intel 471, the Joker’s really did not have a good time at the end of 2020. The actor who runs the site got infected with COVID-19 in the month of October and he was hospitalized for a week. The medical condition of the administrator really affected the site and its performance. The blog also stated that a lot of users complained to the site that their card quality is not that good.


There were a lot of difficulties that the site was experiencing for the past few months. There was also a police investigation going on the site. The FBI and Interpol had seized a number of their domains and were keeping a tight eye to make sure that the stolen card did not sell in the market. Basically, they made it really difficult for the site to work and carry out their operations as they wanted.

Though the site had announced to close its operations, the owner of the site will still be under investigation and proper legal action will be taken against his deeds. The site has facilitated hundreds of millions of dollars in multiple transactions in the last seven years.

The investigators have officially stated that they have information about the fraud and illegal cards related transactions going on the internet and they will soon track them down. Recently, Europol has tracked the world’s largest dark web marketplace and closed it down in the previous month.


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