A brand new documentary film named ‘The Redeem Team’ is all set to release on 7th October 2022 on one of the best streaming platforms Netflix. It’s directed by famous director Jon Weinbach and produced by duo Greg Groggel and Diego Hurtado De Mendoza.

Jon Weinbach also produced one American sports documentary named The Last Dance in 2020, which basically revolves around Michael Jordan’s final game, which he played for the Chicago Bulls. The super fresh documentary is executively produced by both Olympians Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. 

So, scroll down the article to learn more about the upcoming documentary! 

What is ‘The Redeem Team’ All About?

The upcoming documentary will show you the story of the men’s basketball team who represented the United States in the 2008 Olympics and had gone through a demoralizing international loss at the 2004 Olympics. But now it’s time to reclaim their gold medal and redeem American basketball finally. 

In the 2008 basketball squad, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Jason Kidd, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony were there along with Kobe Bryant who served as the team’s captain. 

After the announcement of the film via Netflix, the former American professional basketball player Dwyane Wade passed a statement that in 2008 he played with his heroes, all stars, friend and future teammates. Along with the pressure of winning the match and showing everyone that they were still the most dominant, they also had to change the perception of everyone about NBA and USA Basketball at that time.

Moreover, Wade also showed his excitement level and said that he felt very happy as every teammate gets an opportunity to go back in the past and watch their playing techniques. 

What about the release of The Redeem Team?

The movie has been set to release on Friday 7th October only on Netflix. This is the first time when Netflix has worked with the International Olympic Committee and here is the confirmation tweet by Ballislife.com which all you must check out below:



The tweet is attached with a short 2:30 minutes clip that will give you a brief about the upcoming film. The film also uses some old Olympic footage, clips, and interview videos. It represents the very best f what the Olympics are all about.  The brand new film will directly take all the viewers inside the 2008 Olympic match so get ready to watch what actually happened that day.

Hence to know about the casting details of the redeem team and more details about the forthcoming movies stay in touch with us! And also comment down the name of your favorite basketball player! 

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