This New ‘Leather Daddy Pokémon’ Has Gay Twitter’s Attention

The Pokémon game called the Pokémon Unite has made available new skins for the Pokémons in the game. While all the players really appreciated the new skins, a particular skin is getting a lot of positive attention from the LGBTQ community. You might be wondering what is the thing in the skin exactly that caught their attention? We know why. So, let’s get straight to it.

The thing in the Skin

The skin that is getting the attention of the LGBTQ community is for the Pokémon called Machamp. As per the game, the new skin for Machamp has been named “Punk Style Machamp”. The skin features an open vested leather jacket, black shorts with a golden belt and leather bands with spikes on both the legs of the Pokémon. The LGBTQ community, particularly the Gay people are saying that the skin has a resemblance to a Leather Daddy outfit. The Leather Daddy style of outfit is mainly associated with Gay people. So, that is that. Coming up, let’s see the reaction of the gay people towards the new skin.

The reactions

As per the trend on Twitter, Gay people are in love with their skin. They have welcomed the skin with both their arms open wide. A lot of Gay players have said that they may consider playing Pokémon Unite on Nintendo Switch just to feast their eyes on the new outfit in the proper way. Overall, the LGBTQ community is happy that such a popular game like Pokémon Unite has given them some recognition. Now amid this chit-chat, we have almost forgotten that new skins were added for other Pokémons as well. Do you want to know for which ones? Then do read on.

Other new skins

A total of 30 Pokémons, excluding Machamp, have received new skins. Starting with Absol, this one has received 3 new skins. Then Alolan Ninetales has 2 new skins. Next Blastoise has received 4 new skins. After this Blissey has received 3 new skins. Next in line, Charizard has received 6 new skins. Next Cinderace has 2 new skins followed by Cramorant with 2 as well. Then simply Crustle has 3, Decidueye has 1, Dragonite has 2, Edlegoss has 5, Garchomp has 3, Gardevoir has 3, Gengar has 3, Greedent has 3, Greninja has 3, Hoopa has 1, Lucario has 4, Mamoswine has 2, Mr. Mime has 2, our hero Pikachu has 8, Slowbro has 4, Snorlax has 7, Sylveon has 2, Talonflame has 4, Trevenant has 1, Tsareena has 2, Venusaur has 3, Wigglytuff has 3, with Zeroara rounding up the count with 4 new skins.

All these skins have been released in the latest update for Pokémon Unite. If you are not able to view the new skins then you probably need to update the game on your Nintendo Switch. Once the update is downloaded and installed properly you should be able to see them. To use them though, you will have to unlock them through the game.

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