ProtonVPN which has been protecting the users of their online VPN services, has come with a new privacy tool named NetShield. The application will be able to block malware, ads and online trackers, so that if someone is remotely tracking your device’s location, they won’t be able to do that anymore.

The app has released for all the platforms i.e. Androids, IOS, MAC, and Windows. The NetShield will keep the users safe and it will also improve the speed of browsing as it will block the ads and the tracking services so it will reduce the network load. That’s really a cool feature because many times it happens that internet service slows down because of some unwanted ads and trackers.

It is really a great app which will offer two levels of protection to the users. The first one will help the user in fast surfing experience with blocking the malwares, spywares and any kind of harmful softwares and other ads which reduces the browsing speed.


The NetShield app will alert the user if the user is going to a malicious site. The ProtonVPN has a huge database of malicious sites which will be used by the app to find out if the user is going to access a site with malwares.

If the app finds out that the site on which user is going is malicious, then it will automatically block the site from loading and it will alert the user about the same. 

The app will not only help users in the browser, but it will be activated and help the user from all kinds of malwares and ads from other apps also, basically it will protect the whole phone from such malicious activities.

The CEO of the app, Andy Yen said in a statement that malware attacks have increased gradually in recent years. A lot of big companies try to track user devices in order to collect their data not only on their personal website but in the whole web. their new app will help the users by providing security from such attacks and by blocking any unwanted ads and malwares.

The app has already been out for users and the paid users of ProtonVPN can update the app to the latest version and access the new feature.

Did you like the new app by ProtonVPN? 


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