This is the technology that Apple CEO Tim Cook is ecstatic about.

A constant innovator and market introducer of new technologies, APPLE is regarded as one of the world’s most successful technology companies. When asked about a particular technology in an interview with Time magazine, Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed his enthusiasm for the concept of artificial intelligence. “I’m really excited about artificial intelligence,” Cook said, before adding, “Today, artificial intelligence is in many products that you don’t even think about.”

Cook explained how Apple uses artificial intelligence and how it is widely available. “If you simply take it from us, we will be able to identify you from your face to your fingerprint. How we organise our photos and how Siri collaborates are two examples. “I mean, I’m completely immersed in artificial intelligence,” he told the magazine in an interview.

Tim Cook believes AI has the potential to improve human lifestyle

Apple incorporates artificial intelligence into a number of its products and applications (AI). Apple’s iPhone camera makes extensive use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to produce impressive results. Cook believes that artificial intelligence has the potential to improve people’s lives, despite the fact that it is still in its early stages. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, “we’re still in the early stages of figuring out how it can make people’s lives easier and what it can do for people.”

“My interest is piqued by [augmented reality] and the possibilities it holds. In addition, there is an abundance of both real and virtual worlds.”

He stated that the purpose of augmented reality was not to distract people from their work. This is the only way it should be used “The physical and physical worlds are diverted from the attention of the user. “On the other hand, work on improving your relationships and collaboration,” he suggested.

Cook is not the first person to extol the virtues of increasing the amount of reality in one’s life. He has previously stated on several occasions how augmented reality can make a difference.

Pizza was not the only food option available to passengers in the Dragon capsule. Even while travelling through space, the crew had ample opportunity to eat well. Pizza bagels, sandwiches, vegetables, Mediterranean lamb, pasta, beef, cheddar, bacon, bacon, pasta bolognese, tortillas, and beef and turkey cherry were some of the items on the menu, as well. There were a variety of snacks available, including M&Ms, pastries, granola bars, and olives in addition to the usual tea and coffee.

In a live webcast on SpaceX’s YouTube channel, the three-day mission concluded with the capsule, known as Resilience, parachuting into calm seas shortly before sunset at the conclusion of the mission, according to Reuters.


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