Google is soon going to launch its 12th version of Android and we are expecting a lot of new features related to accessibility to come with the update.

There are some rumours by a website named 9to5Google which said that with the new Android 12, the user will be able to change the accent colours. So, it means that you will be able to change the colours schemes in all the inbuilt and native apps and menus in the phone. You might be able change colours in some of the third-party compatible apps too.


Though as per the news, you will not get to choose any colour out of rainbow, every brand will provide a specific number of colour schemes out of which the user will be able to choose one. Right now, we really don’t know how many colours each brand will provide.

There is one really great benefit for colour-blind with the new update, they will be able to distinguish between shades with some of the colours.

However, there is currently no information available regarding when the feature will be out and about the colour schemes to be available. We don’t even know if the feature will launch in Android 12 or not, because many times, it happens that there are a lot of rumours about a specific feature, it never comes with the official release. But this feature is more likely to come and an early beta version with the feature is expected to launch by the end of this year.

We will share if there is more update regarding the news. By the way, which colour scheme do you like the most?


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