Things We Saw Today: Scooby-Doo Is Going to Protect Camelot With a Jousting Daphne

Scooby-Doo the most ocular anime show is a production Warner Bros Animation since 1969.

Scooby-Doo is coming with the venture in its upcoming movie “The Sword and the Scoob!“, were to help King Arthur, the Mystery Gang hurl back in time through a time machine to save the day from Morgan Le Fay. To fin-tune that particular day.

I’m all set to see what happens, Team Morgan.

According to the script, they will fling back in time, in the legendary saga of wizards, dragons, knights and of course our Scoobert Doo! to help King Arthur. King Arthur needs the help of our Super Sleuths to save his thrones from an evil sorceress, who tries to seize power from him. He is an unchancy situation. 

So, it would be interesting to watch that will there intrepid efforts would forefront to make thing right or will be an incremental step to make things worse. In this movie, Both Shaggy and Scooby will serve a blend pie of laughter, humour and adventure on a platter. The movie is all set to dig in our laughter.

Amazing Pup named Scooby-Doo cameo will win us over and from the little Barking puppy to large Tomdog- Scooby-Doo. It would be delightful and pleasing, to hear Matthew Lillard as Shaggy’s voice as Casey Kasem the former voice of Shaggy’s character because he was retired from the role. 

Undoubtedly, the one from few who does it justice and we use to love it hope Matthew Lillard would stand on our expectation. What you think Daphne Blake being Knight and Jousting?

The release was supposed to unveil earlier only but due to this pandemic situation the shooting as well production was lagging and finally, it’s here with initially release on May 15, 2020.

It would be spunky to see sports jousting in Scooby-Doo movie with the knight. Most probably it’s Daphne as Knight as per we saw.

what’s your view let us know in comments. More twist and turns to come, just Stay Tuned!


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