Ubisoft Massive yesterday announced that they will make an open world Star Wars game. Generally news of a new game is received with much joy and celebration by the fans but Star Wars fans are bit worried. Games made by Ubisoft have not performed so greatly in recent times. Thus Star Wars fans have some requests for Ubisoft as to how they think the game should be. Let’s take a look at them.


No Loot Grinds: Loot grind games focus on finding out objects to move from one level to other in the game and finish it. Star Wars being so versatile in nature deserves a game which looks beyond loots.

No Hyperspace travel: There is no denying that Hyperspace travel is an integral part of Star Wars but players enjoy a more bordered, every inch reachable open world game without having to wait for the world to load.

Lightsabers:  One cannot imagine a Star Wars games without the iconic Lightsabers. Players also want that a few counter weapons also be in the game to create a balance in the weapons department.

Speeder Bikes:  An open world game means players will have to move about in the game with their characters and even in games no one likes walking for long distances. The inclusion of speeder bikes would be just perfect for the game.

No Skywalkers: Star Wars has revolved around the Skywalker family since its start many, many years ago. Fans are just fed up with them and would really appreciate a game that explores the lives of other Star Wars characters.

Sabacc:  Sabacc is a popular card game in the Star Wars universe. Mini games within games are always a delightful thing and the inclusion of Sabacc in the game would be nice.

Priority:  The word is there that Ubisoft right is also working on the Avatar movie game. Multi-tasking in game making is not good and Star Wars fans want that their game is given priority over Avatar so that a good game is made.

Good art: In addition to all the above mentioned things, fans also want that the distinctive fashion, designs and styles of Star Wars be incorporated into the game to make to even more authentic.

With that we wind up the list.


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