These significant issues need to be tackled by Never Have I Ever season 3

Like its early season, the second outing, Never Have I Ever, fell with several big unanswered questions, which left us desperate for the next episode.

Netflix still has to confirm the future of this show, but it did not stop us from exploring a potential season three from the continuing Ben Paxton saga to the love life of Nalini.

At the end of season two, there was a seismic shift in the relationship of Devi and Paxton when the couple came to winter dance with hands for anyone to witness. For fear of being judged by his peers by Devi after she had been fully forgiven. Paxton wanted their night kissing secret for fear of being judged as he had forgiven Devi for dating Ben at the same time. 

Are Devi and Paxton built for a long time? Opposites can attract, but will their differences create a divide that they cannot overcome? Even after Devi’s abrupt death, which can be a problem for people around her, Devi still works through their feelings. Does this prove to Paxton overwhelming?

The newest addition to the student organ Sherman Oaks, Aneesa, seems to have been moved by Devi’s ex-boyfriend and academic adversary, Ben. However, we all knew that wasn’t the case because of a lot of lingering looks between Ben and Devi, even a while before his friend interrupted his dance while he was in the process of asking her a question.

Will Ben be morseling the bullet and admit that Devi is still absolutely besotted? And what decision is she going to make if he does? We sense another list of advantages and disadvantages. Will Ben use any tactic in the Devi relationship book for sabotage? Or is he going to sit back and wait for them to stumble, hopefully?

These are just a few of the many questions that need to be addressed by the show in the third season, and for any further updates on Season 3, we will have to wait patiently. 


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