These are some of the biggest questions in Black widow that have been unanswered.

Is Natasha simultaneously present both in Norway and Odin? Director Cate Shortland pulls a cunning distraction early on in “Black Widow.” We are lead to assume that at an offices building, Black Widow has already long gone – on a ship to a safe hall in Norway – we’re set to get a confrontation between Natasha and the men of Secretary Ross. Although it probably has nothing to do with “Blacken Widow” or the MCU’s broader storey, it is interesting that Norway is the destination of Natasha, given that when she comes, it may be otherwise in the country.

In “Captain America: civil war,” “Black Widow” events occur in the 2016 confrontations with Nat after the airport conflict between Tony Stark and Nat. She tries to save the anti-registration heroes from The Raft. 

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Interestingly, 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok will also take place during “Civil War” events. We’re learning that Odin escaped the magic of Loki at the start of Ragnarok and is waiting for his children to come to Norway.

Nat’s not very long in Norway. Taskmaster attacked her during her first night in the safe house, and shortly she headed towards Budapest. But she was in Norway at least on the same day as Odin, maybe even on the same day as her death.

Does Mason and the Tinkerer have a connection? Mason, played by the O-T Fagnbenle, is one of the most intriguing characters of the black widow. Mason, along with a chopper to retrieve Alexei from prison, and even a quinjet, guarantees Nat’s safe place for her. There is a tangible sexual tension between Mason and Nat – you got the feeling either that they had a love past or that they have circled one another for a long time. This probably has much to do with why Mason is ready to supply Nat even if Secretary Ross forces him in a corner.

While in “Black Widow”, we don’t have many Mason specifics, we might have met his dad. Mason is more well-known in comics as Rick Mason also called the Agent. His dad is Phineas Mason, Tinkerer, a technological genius famed for providing their tools to influential villagers. While he is never called the Tinkerer on film, in “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” which works for the Vulture, we met Phineas Mason in 2017.

Both characters are relatively small to date. Thus we probably will never be aware if they are meant to be father or son in the MCU. Sony may protest this revelation because, unlike Mason, Tinkerer is owned by Sony as a bad man for a Spider. 

Does Red Guardian have a proper relation to Captain America? When we meet Alexei Shostakov for the first time in 1995, he is a compelling narrator considering that he had hidden his “family” away from the police for years. Just before Nat and Yelena spring from prison, he’s still telling stories. He liked to regal his colleagues to his so-called epic battles with Captain America, in particular. The one inmate was courageous enough to indicate that Steve Rogers was still stuck at the bottom of the ocean when Alexei would battle against him pay him by losing his hand.

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Despite the blatant lies of Alexei, he still seems to think of a sort of past between Captain America and him. One of the first things he does after leaving the prison is to ask Nat if Steve Rogers is ever asking him.

Is it feasible that Captain America has some history? On the one hand, the entire mystery of Steve Rogers’ journey to the past at the end of Avengers: Endgame – and the changing story about whether it happens in another reality or the first one – could he have challenged at some point together with a time-tripping Stéve Rogers? On the other side, could Red Guardian use some poetic licence to fight against a super soldier, not with Steve Rogers? Maybe Isaiah or somebody like him, Bradley? For more such unanswered questions, we will have to wait further to watch what’s next. 

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