“The Wrong Mr Right”: Release date, plot, cast, trailer

“The Wrong” franchise movies have been a mega-hit. It is back with another bunch of thrill- “The Wrong Mr Right” going to premiere on LMN in January. Former movies include:

  • The Wrong Real Estate Agent
  • The Wrong Fiancé
  • The Wrong Prince Charming

In this season, Jessica, uncovers some hidings with regards to Paul (played by Rib Hillis), boyfriend of her mother.

What is the plot?

Story knits around Jessica, who moves back home after school and is astounded to discover her mom’s new beau, Paul, is moving in also.

The storyline takes its real turn when Jessica found out Paul battling with another lady enrols the assistance of Sandra and private specialist Hal who presume something peculiar.

This is when Jessica finds Paul isn’t who he appears, she decides to refute he is the Mr Right and decides to plan to prove the same.

Who are going to get casted?

  • Anna Marie Dobbins as Jessica
  • Rib Hillis as Paul
  • Vivica A Fox as Sandra
  • Eric Roberts as Hal
  • Krista Allen as Tracy
  • Steve Richard Harris as Marc
  • Olivier Paris as Rick
  • Michael Gaglio as Bill
  • Jason Faunt as John
  • Kristine Debell as Janet
  • Lisa London as Sarah
  • Kristine DeBell as Janet
  • Meredith Thomas as Katy
  • Lisa London as Sarah.

Who are the makers of series?

The director of film is David DeCoteau and the script writer is Robert Dean Klein.

Executive producers are named as Barry Barnholtz, Zelma Kiwi, and Jeffrey Schenck. And moreover, the series is made by Vivica A Fox fills, along with Brian Nolan and Peter Sullivan.

When will it get released?

“The Wrong Mr Right” debuts on 15th January 2021. So, grab the remote and ready to watch.

Where to watch the series?

“The Wrong Mr Right” can be binged at LMN on 15th January 2021 at 8/7c.

Some other “The Wrong” franchise are:

  • The Wrong Boy Next Door
  • The Wrong Stepfather
  • The Wrong Mommy
  • The Wrong House Sitter’
  • The Wrong Tutor

Here is the clip in which Vivica A. Fox reveals the story behind her “The Wrong” franchise-

Is trailer launched?

The authority trailer is yet to be delivered.

So, stay with us as to be notified at the earliest.

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“The Wrong Mr Right”: Release date, plot, cast, trailer

“The Wrong” franchise movies have been a mega-hit. It is back with another bunch of thrill- “The Wrong Mr Right” going to...

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