A lot of new changes has been announced on the official website of White House after Joe Biden’s inauguration as the President on 20 January. There has even been the introduction of dark mode also for the first time in the history of White House.

The official site of White House has got a lot of changes, if you go on the website, you will find some icons on the bottom left of the site where there will be options to increase or decrease the size of the fonts, and there is also another option to select or change the contrast of the site, there is a high contrast mode from where you will be able to switch to dark mode with a black background and texts of white and gold colour from the usual white and cream background.

In the last one year, we have been watching a lot of sites and applications developed a dark mode too. Dark mode is seriously getting more and more popular with time. The tech giants Google and Microsoft have spent the last few years developing the dark mode feature in their apps. The social media site Facebook also launched its much-anticipated dark mode feature for WhatsApp.

A lot of people just like the change of background that they get with change in time, but it is not just about changing the background from white to black after the evening, there are more reasons too to the dark mode.

Many of the people find it easier to read on black background with white text rather than black text on white background. It is also useful in the night time where the user generally finds it a little uncomfortable to read stuff with white background. Also, it is not good for the eyes too to see white background at night while sitting in the dark.

Talking about the White House, there was a statement where it said that the White House is working on conforming the web content accessibility guidelines which includes making things easier for users to hear and read the content.

Though there are still no answers on whether using the dark mode will help the users sleep better or not, there is one thing which is a feature is that dark mode uses less power which will slow down battery drain.

Do you find the new dark mode by White House useful?


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