The Author Of ‘The Wheel Of Time’ Promises A New Video Game IP In Collaboration With A Well-Known Studio

Brandon Sanderson, the author of ‘The Wheel of Time,’. It has hinted at a new video game collaboration with a well-known studio. Brandon Sanderson has previously worked with “a game company many of you will recognize.”

The Wheel of Time author Branden Sanderson has hinted at a new video game. With the help of a well-known studio.

According to Sanderson’s blog, a video game has been in the works for “several years.” “So, begin speculating.”

“It’s not for one of my properties, but for something new that I created in collaboration with a video game company that many of you will be familiar with,” he explained.

Sanderson took over writing The Wheel of Time books after Robert Jordan died in 2007

There’s also an adaptation of the high-fantasy series The Wheel of Time on Amazon Prime Video, as well as a number of The Wheel of Time-inspired products

According to Sanderson, who has a close relationship with Amazon Game Studios. Amazon Game Studios may not be what you’re thinking about right now.

According to a blog post, Hidetaka Miyazaki and his team contacted Martin “a few years ago” and asked if he would be interested in writing “the backstory and history for a new game they were working on.”

Having said that, Martin admits, “I’ve never really been into gaming,” but the “offer was too exciting to pass up.”

All they asked of him was a little worldbuilding to serve as a foundation for the game they planned to make, he wrote.

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