The Walking Dead: Rick’s Early Death Was Supposed to Set Up Carl vs. Shane

The Walking Dead’s deluxe edition reveals that the comic writer Robert Kirkman was going to use the shocking death of Rick Grimes to set his son, Carl Grimes, rivalry with Shane. It is no secret that Kirkman was planning to kill Rick early, and he was thinking of Shane to kill Rick when they went to talk in Issue #6. In continuity, Rick returned to his wife Lori Grimes and couldn’t get over Lori and Shane’s affair. Shane went to kill Rick, but Carl came out of nowhere and shot Shane.

As the deluxe edition of Kirkman is out now, it reveals that if Shane had killed Rick here, then it would have set up Shane and Carl’s rivalry. Kirkman admits that he had room to tell a long story of Carl’s revenge on Shane. Kirkman was planning that Carl would stumble into the woods and see Shane killing Rick. Carl would realize that Shane was pretending to be a good guy was all a lie.

The focus of the book would have shifted to Carl Grimes, and after seeing Shane killing Rick, Carl would be afraid to tell his mother what he saw in the woods. He would think that Shane would kill Lori too so, he would have kept quiet. Moreover, Shane would become the first villain of the novel, and he wouldn’t know that Carl knows what he did to Rick. In the comics, it would have added more tension and drama and as the story progressed, Carl would have set up a cat and mouse game. He would find a way to get Shane to get killed by zombies or even worse.

It would lead to a civil war between Shane’s followers and Carl. Later on, Carl would slip into Rick’s shoes and make his way up to Commonwealth. It would have made him more strong, and his mother and baby sister would be alive as well. The ending story of the Old Man Carl would fit the plot because he would become the protagonist of the book who has seen the old world transform into a new one. The book would have connected the younger audience too, especially when his romance was budding with Lydia and getting torn between becoming a leader.


The fans of the series would have hated Andrew Lincoln’s character dying because he became their favorite since episode 1. If Shane would have survived, then Carl would have killed Daryl and him, and become the Alpha of the pack. However, Carl Grimes was too young to lead the series. Ultimately, it is too hard to see the Walking Dead series without the charming Lincoln, creating the early foundation for the alliance before he left.

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The Walking Dead: Rick’s Early Death Was Supposed to Set Up Carl vs. Shane

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