The Visitor Release Date, Cast, And Plotline – Details We Know So far

Blumhouse has improved the face of horror in the twenty-first century. The production business made a huge name for itself with the “Paranormal Activity” series, and since then, it’s released some of the finest horror films in recent memory, including “Insidious,” “Get Out,” and “The Invisible Man.” Regardless matter how you choose to consume media, the firm provides something for everyone. Many of the studio’s films are released in cinemas, while smaller-scale productions are distributed exclusively through streaming platforms such as Hulu or Amazon Prime.

Blumhouse is now assisting Epix with its horror selection with an intriguing new project in the works. “The Visitor” will be a TV movie produced by Blumhouse and Epix as part of an agreement to make eight standalone films together (via Deadline). It’s based on a script by Simon Boyes and Adam Mason, and it’s directed by Justin P. Lange. 

Release Date

The Deadline article makes no mention of a release date. However, considering that “production is ongoing in New Orleans,” one would assume it will be released in the near future, with a 2022 release date appearing to be the most plausible. With the picture now in production, we expect it to finish before the end of 2021, and considering the nature of the film and the fact that it’s a horror property, we’d bank on an October 2022 release date, at the very least. “The Visitor” will serve as a type of reunion for many of those involved. The script was written by Simon Boyes and Adam Mason, who also collaborated on Hulu’s “Into the Dark” series.

Cast Members

Finn Jones and Jessica McNamee, who will play the film’s main pair, are the two major stars linked with “The Visitor.” Jones has worked on a number of high-profile projects. He first gained a wider following with “Game of Thrones,” before joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the primary character in “Iron Fist.” McNamee has already appeared in a number of films and television series, most notably as Sonya Blade in 2021’s “Mortal Kombat.”

Donna Biscoe, whose credits include “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1,” “Hidden Figures,” and “Night School,” will join them. Dane Rhodes, well known for his roles in “Creepshow” and “True Detective,” will also appear. There’s no news on the nature of their roles, but all good things come in time.


In “The Visitor,” Jones and McNamee play Robert and Maia, a couple. The couple suffers a slew of misfortunes, including the loss of Maia’s father, all in short succession. They leave their London home to visit somewhere more rural, and that’s when things take an unusual turn.

As stated in Deadline, “When Robert uncovers an old photograph in the attic of a man who looks just like him, he falls down a rabbit hole to find out who this mystery doppelganger known only as the visitor is. It doesn’t take long for him to learn that everywhere the visitor goes, death follows.” It sounds like a horror-infused version of “The Picture of Dorian Gray.” To find out what happens next in this storyline, you’ll have to tune in to Epix to watch how it all plays out.


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