The urge from the airlines

Even persons who are not coronavirus-vaccinated despite high infections in several countries are increasing their campaign to loosen borders and allow more international travel. The International Air Transport Association of the Trade Group of industry warned that government screening measures such as the virus test for passengers should not impose quarantines or other restrictions on Wednesday.

The organisation mentioned studies indicating a danger of COVID-19 transmission among vaccinated travellers. The airline group said that only 2.2 per cent of travellers in the United Kingdom tested positive for COVId-19 between the end of February and the beginning of May to support its case that unvaccinated persons might also travel.

Willie Walsh’s statement

The firm’s top official, Willie Walsh, the former CEO of British Airways and Aer Lingus, told reporters that there was no risk-free method. Governments must embrace some danger and live on, he said.

The comments emphasise the anxiety among airline officials that a rebound from travel may not be sufficient to succeed in the major summer holiday. They hope that authorities from the wealthy G7 countries would agree to lighten their travel restrictions during or before the presidents’ summit next week in England.

LAST MONTH, the U.S. and the U.K. airlines called on President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Boris Johnson before the meeting to elevate travel restrictions between the two countries, but no government acted.

The losses

The ATG plans to lose 48 billion dollars in the year following a loss of 126 billion dollars by 2020. The association’s chief economist said last week that aviation is 52% of 2019 traffic this year and will return only in 2023 at pre-pandemic levels.

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