The Unlisted season 2 has been confirmed contrary to the belief that the season had been cancelled. Well, if we see the success of season 1 then it would only seem natural that a 2nd season will come. Now that the rumor has been cleared let’s talk about season 2 in detail.

The Unlisted Season 2

The 2nd season is also being created by Justine Flynn. Mithila Gupta, who was the main writer for season 1 is coming back for season 2 as well. The season 1 director Rhys Graham is going to return for season 2. The production for season 2 is being done by Aquarius Films, Buster Productions, and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. As for season 1, 15 episodes were made and thus we believe a total of 15 episodes should also be made for season 2 as well. From season 1 alone the show has got an IMDb rating of 6 out of 10. This rating should be getting boosted if the second season proves to be as successful as the first season. As for the release date, it has not been confirmed yet. The second season should be coming out somewhere in 2022 though. Whenever it comes out, the season first will come out in Australia on the ABC TV channel followed by the worldwide release on Netflix. Well, that is all that is there about season 2 right now. Coming up are the plot details of season 2.

The Unlisted Season 2 cast

While the show has been renewed for the second season, the cast has not been confirmed yet. We believe that the main cast from season 1 will come back for season 2.

Thus, we will be seeing Ved Rao as Kalpen “Kal” Sharma, Vrund Rao as Drupad “Dru” Sharma, Miah Madden as Kymara, Abigail Adriano as Rose, and Nya Cofie as Jacob once again. Now if the whole cast is coming back there is something very great that should be happening in season 2.

Let’s see what it is?

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The Unlisted Season 2 plot

Season 2 will start from the point where season 1 ended. this means that Dru and Kal will be facing some spider-like robots that can crawl into one’s ears. From there the spiders can manipulate the host’s body to do anything. It will be interesting to see how Dru and Kal will be dealing with the spider robots. And will the Infinity Group then will be finally defeated if Dru and Kal are able to defeat the spider robots? Well, it will a thing to watch out for sure in season 2.

Yes, if you are a fan of the show then waiting for its second season can be very boring and painful. But we should remember that good things take time to be made and the same goes for The Unlisted Season 2.

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