The United States-based company, Google inexplicably pulls out wide-angle astrophotography from the Google Pixel smartphones

The United States-based well-known corporation, Google has furnished a very vital modification in recent times and has superseded the ultra-wide cameras with the camera named Google Digital camera 8.1.

The popular company, Google has decided to eliminate the camera that was being utilized to capture wide-angle photos known as astrophotography from its Google Pixel smartphones.


The consumers of Google Pixel 5 as well as Google Pixel 4a that also supports 5G connectivity, may not be able to utilize astrophotography as a result of elimination of the same and superseded by the Digital camera 8.1. 

As soon as the Google Pixel 4a 5G and Google Pixel 5 were inducted into the market, it had a fresh wide-angle camera and it would further expand its aspects satisfactorily. Nonetheless, currently, it has been withdrawn by the company itself. 

The camera utilized in the newly introduced Google Pixel 4a 5G and Google Pixel 5 were termed as astrophotography camera which enables its consumers to capture photos of the stars in the night. It is used to capture some insanely beautiful pictures through this astrophotography camera. 

One would either clench the smartphone or position it in a tripod stand and one can capture some stunning photos during night time, before the removal of the system from the smartphone by Google.  

Initially, the consumers of these smartphones used to get an alternative which stated “Astrophotography on” however, currently the consumers if enters the night time sight aspect and switches to ultra-wide-angle digital camera, rather than seeing that option, they would receive a text stating “Zoom to 1x for astrophotography” in their smartphone. 


When asked about this modification to Google, they didn’t respond to the same and the reason behind this alteration is yet to be known. We will have to hold a little longer to know the cause behind such a big step by the globally popular and well-known corporation.

What is your thought on this modification implemented by Google? What do you think about it? Do let us know the same. 


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