The Tomorrow War is A Science-fiction, Action, Military movie with the lead star being Chris Pratt. The movie will illustrate future times where aliens try to seizure the blue planet. 

The humans keep them from doing so by bringing the soldiers from the past back into the future war.

Not the first time!

Chris is been doing sci-fi movies and nowThe Tomorrow War will be enlisted in them. Chris signed this movie back in February 2019. This movie is directed by Chris McKay. David Ellison, Don Granger, Adam Kolbrenner, Dana Goldberg, Jules Daly, and David S. Goyer are the producers of this movie. Chris is also an executive producer of this project. 

This movie was originally named ‘Ghost Draft’ but then later changed to The Tomorrow War. 

Following is a post of Chris’s in which he shares the names which he and his crew had gone through to come to the present title of the film.

Paramount Pictures owns the distribution rights of ‘The Tomorrow War’. There’s no Official Trailer released for ‘The Tomorrow War’. Give it a watch.

Chris Got Company 

Chris is playing Barney Gamble in the movie. 

  • Vicky Winslow will be played by Yvonne Strahovski 
  • Betty Gilpin plays Lilly Gamble
  • J.K. Simmons as Slade Mitchell
  • Theo Von plays Dixon Piper 
  • Keith Powers as Christopher Danson 
  • Sam Richardson plays Gator Gamble 
  • Mike Mitchell as Dan Holtz 
  • Jasmine Mathew as Casey 
  • Olaolu Winfunke as Captain Woods

Three, Two, One Launch! 

The Sci-fi movie will premiere on 23rd July 2020. The major locations for the filming of this movie are Atlanta and Iceland. The shooting of this movie was commenced one September 2019 and after four months, 12 January 2020 it was completed.

Chris Pratt as Barney Gamble is conscripted in the past to save humanity in the future from aliens. Along with Barney come many soldiers in the past, in the war. 


Chris Pratt has performed ‘Savior’ roles in his movies like ‘Guardians of The Galaxy’ and he even was in the greatest movie of the century ‘Avengers Endgame’ and in ‘Avengers Infinity War’. So for Chris, this is going to be a Cup of tea. But for us is coming to a full action-packed sci-fi movie of Chris’s. Do you want to watch it on OTT or theaters? Let’s hope cinemas open when it releases.

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