If you are a hardcore gamer then you must be watching the ‘This Week in PC Gaming’ show available on YouTube every Sunday without fail. What did you say; you didn’t even know about this show? Don’t worry as we got you covered. Dive in into the paragraph below to know all about it.


‘This Week in PC Gaming’ is a YouTube show that streams new episodes every Sunday of every week. The show features all the latest news associated with the gaming world. It tells about the new releases, the updates, events and other important news for that week. The show is hosted by James Davenport, a video games enthusiast. 


The major headlines on the show this week are that there are going to be three new Yakuza games releases on 28th of January 2021 and the much anticipated The Medium is also going to release on 28th January 2021. Apart from this on 25th January 2021, SKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID is coming out. On 28th January 2021, apart from The Medium and Yakuza games, Wobbledogs is coming in the form of early access and Olija will also release. Rounding up the week will be the release of Gods Will Fall on 29th January 2021. For an in depth discussion on the releases and more news head to

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Do comment which games you are looking forward to play this week in the comments section.

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