The Thinning 3 Release Date: Is Series Confirmed This Year!

Ever since the release of the ‘The Thinning 2’ movie, the fans of the movie series have been waiting for the third instalment of the movie. Ahead we will discuss some information about the third film and its possible release date.

The Thinning 3
The Thinning 3

About The Movie

The movie series was created by YouTuber Logan Paul. The first two movies were highly appreciated by the fans. Everyone liked the idea that Logan had not gone to any streaming giant to release his movie and that he chose YouTube to released the first 2 movies. The first two movies fetched Logan a lot of subscribers and views and he became a YouTube sensation really soon. Now the third movie has been confirmed by Logan but he has not given a release date yet. He has not released any trailer for the movie but may do so in the coming time. Now let’s take a look at the cast and plot of the third movie.

Cast And Plot

Logan will be reprising his role of Blake Redding and it is expected that the rest of the cast is going to remain the same for the third movie.

Likewise, the plot details for the third movie have not been released as well. All we can say is that the time period of the third movie will be same as the last two movies. This means that all the action of the third movie will take place in the future world that has been portrayed in the previous two movies.

We cannot say for sure that the third movie will release this year. Logan has been quiet over the third movie for a long time now. Yes the movie is happening but when no one knows. It could be next year or after a few years.

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