Do you love to watch dystopian post-apocalyptic world genre films? Then, do check out The Thinning series, which is set in a dystopian world where the population is on the rise, but the resources are limited. To control that, Texas’s government comes up with a remedy, and that is to thin the population. The series stars Logan Paul and Peyton List in the lead roles.

Ever since the first installment hit the theaters in 2012, viewers have become huge fans of the film series. And now, the fans are waiting for the third part of The Thinning. So here we have written all the information about the second part of the film. 

The plot of The Thinning 2: What happened in the previous film?

After the release of the first part, The Thinning New World Order premiered in 2018. It chronicles Laina Michaels (played by Peyton List) and her infiltration into the presidential campaign.

Furthermore, Blake Redding (played by Logan Paul) is adjusting to his life with underachievers and the mock execution. Being trapped in the secret underground work camp, he tries to reconnect with Laina and find a way to escape.

The Thinning 3: Is it canceled?

When the first installment got premiered, fans saw a huge delay in filming the second part. It was due to Logan Paul and YouTube controversies. So they blacklisted Logan, and he also faced heavy criticism from the world.

Furthermore, he lost his valuable subscribers, and the controversy also affected the number of people who watched the second film. It was the aftermath of his indecent behavior in a video clip that was focused on Japan, and the whole world became against him.

After his controversy in 2018, Paul has come a long way, but still, some people don’t like him. Even YouTube might not feel the same about the viewership. So we feel like they might not want to take the risk of the third installment of The Thinning anytime soon. And we are sorry to tell the unfortunate news to the fans of YouTube actor Logan Paul, who stood for him through his bad days.

We haven’t received any official announcement about The Thinning season 3, and due to the lack of any confirmation, the chances of the arrival of the third part of the film series are very low in 2021.


So that’s all for today. The filmmakers haven’t revealed their final decision so, we will have a tiny hope. If you wish to watch the first two films again then, you can stream it on Google Play Movies, Amazon Prime, and YouTube Premium. And if you have heard about this film series for the first time, then you can check out the trailer below and give it a shot. Stay tuned for more updates.


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