The Swarm Netflix Original French Film Release Date, And Complete Details On Plotline & Cast Members

The Swarm or La Nuée is a fantasy drama movie broadcast on Netflix in the French language in 2020. The Swarm adapts Franck Victor’s and Jérôme Genevray’s script. The picture is also directed by Just Philippot, who made some of Acid, Ses Souffles, 4 Histoires Fantastiques, among other well-known French-language films.

The picture also contains an element of terror fueled by locusts that seek green grass and blood. You must confront the ramifications of actions when you bind natural laws. The film was published in various French cinemas and will be available worldwide via Netflix.

The Swarm Netflix Original French Film Release Date

Netflix released the film worldwide on August 6, 2021, as already announced. Given that the streaming giant is released worldwide, in Spain, France, and China Netflix will not release the movie. Initially, during the Cannes Picture Festival, this film was picked for distribution. But the release was postponed because of the COVID-19 epidemic. The official trailer of the film was published by Netflix too, see below:

The film takes 1 hour and 41 minutes to enjoy the followers of the genre of horror fiction drama.

The Swarm Details On Cast Members

Suliane Barhim, Marie Narbonne, Sofian Kchammes, Nathalie Boyer, Raphael Romand, Vincent Deniard, Victor Bonnel and Christian Bouillette all belong to La Nués aka the Swarm. The Swarm comprises.

The Swarm Details On Plotline

Virginie, played by Suliane Brahim, is a mother who loves to keep up with the grasshopper bill. It seems to be a pure source of protein, developing grasshoppers. Growing grasshoppers around France are growing popular with their tastes and protein supply.

Virginie stumbles by pure accident on a very secret concoction that encourages grasshoppers. How is the production of grasshoppers encouraged? The secret component of Blood is which helps to increase the production of locusts.


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