“The Star Wars Holiday Special” Finally Does Right by Finn

John Boyega was quite busy these days. He was busy in giving mega hits to his fans from “Black Lives Matter” to “Small Axe. 

Boyega has been very particular in his work, and represented anti-racism through his work. He even undertook the work of making headlines to make trilogy of “Star Wars”.

Here is the trailer of the movie which you all are definitely going to like- 

Boyega and “Star Wars”:

Boyega had conversation with Lucasfilm and Disney regarding movie, thankfully, LEGO Star Wars Holiday gave him solution as redemption as ex-stormtrooper.

Interview of Boyega:

On his interview with GQ, Boyega said that- “I admonish Disney and its script of colour characters. My role as Finn and Kelly Marie Tran’s Rose Tico was opposing the role as Rey and Kylo Rey. I even got a lot of appreciation on writing the script. I give my personal advice to Disney to not bring out the black character. This was to give importance to the franchise and put them on other side.” 

Why Boyega is upset:

Boyega even gave his piece of advice to Star Wars actors of colours. He was having conversations with Disney president Kathleen Kennedy regarding this.

It is obvious why Boyega is upset. When they were marketed as the lightsaber wielders in the Force awakens and getting an important storyline in the last Jedi, his character was drastically sideloaded in The Rise of Skywalker. 

This was made worse after the cancellation of episode IX, which could have given Finn’s character a proper launch as Stormtrooper.

But the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special creates and effort to change Finn’s character’s path and give him the abilities that he deserves. The Holiday Special makes sure that the fans get to see Finn train as a jedi.

Although the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special is Rey Centric and focuses Finn’s role in comedy set-pieces with the other characters.

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