Star Wars fans are so lucky that they would not ever have any lack of their favorite series to watch and board on the freshest forthcoming spaceship that is going to take them into some other unimaginable timeline which would be the best of all the times, according to the sources. The followers of Star Wars TV show series, as well as Movie series, are to be gifted a brand-new series which is ‘The Star Wars: Acolyte’. 

Let’s Time Travel to The High Republic Era!

Thanks to Disney’s Investor Day presentation which has given a pinch of guesses what the year 2021 is going to be filled with. Amongst the announcements of several new movies and TV shows of Marvel, Disney Pixar, and so on, there was sitting calmly the new Stars Wars installment to the present shows of the series, ‘The Star Wars: Acolyte’.

The whole plot of this show is still unguessable but the Star Wars Official Twitter account did provide some hints, declaring the new show The Acolyte which is a mystery thriller that will take the audiences into the epoch of the High Republic when the dark arising powers are at their pinnacle. 

Here’s what The Star Wars have tweeted,

The main thing to be noticed here is that the show will be coming under the direction of Leslye Headland who has directed the amazing, comedy, drama, and yes mystery show ‘Russian Doll’.

As far as the age of the High Republic is concerned, it is based nearly 200 hundred years before the happenings of the Star Wars Skywalker and about 799 hundred years after the decline of the Old Republic.

Moreover, the Acolyte was in a discussion about eight months ago in April 2020 that Leslye Headland is writing the show and directing it simultaneously. The Acolyte will have a female character as the prima donna and just like the Mandalorian, this series is also going to be a live-action one. Headland also couldn’t resist telling that show would be described in such a place of universe and pocket of a timeline that no one has ever thought of.


Even these little-known things bring an unambiguous excitement to the minds of the fans and they can just think how galactic and cosmic the show is going to be. 

On top of this, the series is also anticipated to be ones like some thriller action and martial arts flavor. The series would make its debut likely in either late 2021 or early 2022.


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