The visit of the titular Spanish princess, Catherine of Aragon as the titular queen, eventually saw her demise as she left the court. However, she did so on her terms, thus achieving an emotional victory over her fatalistic tragedy as opposed to a physical one, but it is later that she reveal herself as an Anne Bolin who would have been a victim of their intrigue.

What else has happened??

History documents the main reason for Catherine losing her place in the Tudor court as Anne, but not from her husband’s descent to the insanity of King Henry VIII. Anne provoked herself quite a bit in her penance for the post of a queen and over time, it remained a subject of curiosity.

The miscarriage happened and eventually it lead to a dramatic plugin in Katherine and Henry’s marriage. When her husband learns that Katherine not only hid him from him but now chooses to believe the same in the Strafford he has created, he loses and angrily threatens her. His biggest allies, in this case, are Thomas Boleyn and Maggie Poole. While Tudor later chooses to confirm his position on the court by clearing Katherine’s biggest secret, Thomas plays his best cards as his daughter Anne. 

However, due to the blame of reducing Katherine into exile, Anne leaves, who played a very smart role in wooing the king with her pleas until convinced by the final moments of their marriage. Courtier Thomas’s daughter Anne and Mary were appointed by Henry for the queen’s house. After this Katherine witnessed Henry with one of them roaming around the garden. The story lefts Henry having affair with another girl.

This incident made Katherine feeling jealous and making it clear that she will allow Henry to look at her and not to touch her. This is evidence of another example of infidelity towards the wife of Henry, a wife who is still persecuted with births, miscarriages, and newborn deaths. How did you guys feel about the end of the finale?  Do share your reviews and let us know what you expected.

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