The Sims 4 confirms Snowy Escape changes

The Sims turned out to be the best-selling video games of all time. They have touched a record of selling almost 200 million copies worldwide. The Sims is a simulation video game.

According to the game, the players create virtual humans called “Sims” and their job is to place the Sims in the already constructed house or help the Sims to build a house for themselves. Game expansions take place accordingly. As of now till June 2020, 9 expansion packs have been released for Sims 4.  

Sims 4 is on the verge of releasing its tenth expansion pack named Snowy Escape this week. They have released a trailer that showed the Japan-inspired place of Mt. Komorebi. After the trailer was released Korean players raised a concern regarding it. They have 2 problems due to which they have asked the creators to make changes.

The first problem is that in a shot a Sim was shown bowing in front of a Shrine. Korea was under Japanese rule almost from 1910 to 1945 and they were forced to worship Shrine. 

The second problem was, the new design of cloth is having an image of the Rising Sun which was similar to the flag used by Japan for a long time. The Flag was adopted as the war flag by the Japanese army. During the second world war, the flag was used by the Japanese military. As per the history during that time some parts of Korea and China were under the Empire of Japan so they feel offended by the symbol of the rising sun.

The producers have addressed the concerns and confirmed that they will make the necessary changes in the game. Hence the conflict is going to solve soon, as we speak.

Producer Graham Nardone explained in a recent interview that they respect the Korean player’s objection and keeping that in mind they have made changes in the clothes, as well as Sims who will not bow in front of Shine. As they don’t want to provoke any historical pains from previous incidents.

As the new trailer is yet to release fans are waiting to see the new updates.

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