This duo, Sara and Erin Foster are incredibly awesome in their vogue. The two sisters have teamed up together for the new collection which was launched on Thursday.

Years of struggle confronted by the sisters:

Sara opens up to Page Six Style about how they worked together for their new collections and what are all the obstacles they had to overcome. She says, she and her sister Erin have been working for altogether seven years for these new collections of clothes. As days passed by, they never got exhausted, instead they only boosted up each other and therefore it got better and better in every consecutive year.

Supportive Siblings:

Erin further adds that the sister duo relationship grew stronger as they relied on each other at times for motivation and exact level of criticism. The absolute words of Eric are as follows:

“We are each other’s biggest champions and biggest critics. Neither one of us holds back, which is why we have found success together, but also why we fight.”

And what are all the new collections we have got?

Here is the list…

Classic blue Jeans, Chic Cargo Pants, Jumpsuits, a Denim Jacket, Cashmere Crewnecks, Faux leather Leggings, Curve-hugging Skirts, Turtleneck Sweaters, Satin Bodysuits, a Hoodie with a built-in face mask. And all these products are available in myriads of colors.

Sara says that the siblings’ success was not as easy as anyone would think of. They both stand strong in their opinions. But when it comes to a work place with strange people, one has to know what to speak, and one should always be polite and humble in the handling of workers. One is not supposed to speak what he/she thinks in his/her mind. Sometimes a casual comment might be taken too seriously by others and it may turn to an offensive comment too. But in the case of sibling relationship it is not applicable, frankly says Sara.

Sara talks more about the way of handling things in the production of clothes. It is essential to keep in mind both the comfort level and the matching style. The balance between the two is crucial as it is the backbone in the formation of any clothes, she adds.

Further, Sara speaks about how important it is for them to design the material, where the people should experience the comfy and at the same time it should be easy to wear.

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