The Sandbox Explains What On Earth Is Going On In The Metaverse

A lot of madness is going on in the virtual world of cryptocurrency-based game The Sandbox. Players are literally becoming the biggest spindrifts the virtual world has ever seen. Let’s take a look into this madness and try to understand, what is exactly happening.

The Madness

The madness is being shown in the department of virtual land sales in the metaverse of the game. The value of virtual land in the game is rising by the minute. To show the level of the madness, a certain virtual land transaction between two players in the game took place for a crazy amount of $4.3 million. And the total amount of every virtual land transaction that has taken place till this year in the game’s metaverse have a collective amount of $211 million. Crazy, isn’t it? Now onto the explanation.

The Explanation

The explanation behind all of this is very simple and The Sandbox co-founder, Sebastien Borget himself has given it. He explains that given the rise in the popularity of cryptocurrency in recent times and the lack of land in the real world due to overpopulation, The Sandbox has become the go to alternative for people who like to invest in land properties. As the land is virtual, it is literally infinite. Cryptocurrency comes with protection and is easy to cash-in. The result is one can buy land easily. They will not have to worry about maintenance and can create anything nice on the land as well without much fuss. the main thing is, the property will not take up any physical phase and no forest will have to be cleared for it.

It is a win-win situation for all. Even if you are a non-gamer, then also investing in virtual land can be a good thing for you.    

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