The Rock: 5 Games We’d Love to See The Rock Star In!

Can you guess what the super hot American actor Dwayne Johnson is doing in the world of video games. If no, then read out the whole article thoroughly, as we will highlight about five games we’d love to see The Rock Star in!

Recently, in an interview The Rock shocked everyone by saying he’s going to bring one of the biggest badass games to the screens but didn’t revealed it’s name.

Johnson already has experience in the video games industry as in 2018 he appeared in first video game named Rampage!

But the question is what’s he up to now!

Here, are the five games in which we can expect Dwayne Johnson!

The Rock
The Rock: 5 Games

Call of Duty

The most popular deadly game doesn’t have any movie based on it , so it will be awesome if Dwayne will rock in Call of Duty movie. We are damn sure that if the muscular man The Rock will sketch the role of an army officer with heavy guns on his hand, it will be praised by the fans.


Johnson already fought with the villainous group in the game Fortnite. This free to play game that allows player to buy the internal currency of game called Vinderbucks. It seems like a nightmare, but imagine Dwayne duking it out Ready Player with super powerful Thanos.

God of War

This epic video game is known for its brutal dispatches and if Dwayne will play in this game than it is the best opportunity for him to flex his hot body. He is the most suitable personality to take revenge from ruthless Ares who tricked his own family and killed his wife and kids.

So, do you want to watch Dwayne as a revenger or not, comment down!

Gears of War

The role of fan’s favorite Dave Bautista is portrayed by Marcus Fenix, but if the coalition doesn’t work, then Dwayne will be the first choice to play this role. The trilogy majorly focuses on the conflicts between humanity and the reptilian hominids who are known as Locust Horde. So, whom will you vote humanity of reptilian!

Mass Effect

Last but not the least, Mass Effect is a military sci-fi video game which sets on a unique galaxy named Milky Way, where humans and several aliens are living. If the hot British actor Henry Cavill will refuse to play the lead role in the video game then we have another hot contestant named Dwayne Johnson who is perfectly fit for this role!

How cool it is to watch The Rock going on suicidal missions and dealing with Geth problem, isn’t folks!

Hence, comment in which video game you want Dwayne Johnson to work and keep in touch!

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