Our elders play an important role in our lives because they not only provide us with a solid foundation, but they also help shape who we will become. Our goal is to find ways to make this an unforgettable experience for them as they mature and enter the second half of their lives.

Our role in the age-tech ecosystem should be to seek solutions that will assist our parents and grandparents in becoming more self-sufficient and respectful as they age.

In India, high-tech solutions are required.

Elder care is divided into three categories: ease of living, health and well-being, and lifestyle and hospitality. In the last ten years or so, infrastructure developers have taken note of the need for comfort, and as a result, older adults and people with disabilities now have easier access.

Entrepreneurs have traditionally focused on the second of these three buckets, while the third is less popular

Loneliness and anxiety have been scourges of the senior population since the beginning of time. Loneliness ministers have been appointed by governments all over the world to address this underappreciated issue.

The root cause in India is due to the way people who live with elderly people live, as well as the natural decline in mobility that comes with age. Before COVID-19, how much time did you spend with your parents or grandparents?

Would elders devote a significant amount of time to their younger coworkers? The rise of digitally savvy consumer-targeted tech solutions has also left the elderly unserved.

As one of the world’s youngest countries, India also has one of the world’s oldest populations, with people 55 and older accounting for more than 15% of the total.

Changes in the needs, wants, behaviour, and preferences of people in the senior community as they get older More than a quarter of India’s 120 million senior citizens use WhatsApp. It is now far easier to connect with and meet the needs of this market. Age-tech solutions have the potential to have a significant impact, as evidenced by the findings of this study.

In other words, what do these cutting-edge solutions do?

Incorporating “tech” into the development of a product or service for older adults (typically a target audience of 50+) is an option offered by any company, whether as a client or as a service provider to both.

Current age-tech products in India are primarily targeted at the healthcare industry. To further unite this community, a slew of wellness services and solutions are emerging.


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