The Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor Detects The Sound Of Glass Breaking Up To 25 Feet Away

This week the Ring has launched the alarm glass break sensor that is now available for pre-order. The shipping will begin on Feb 16. According to the brand the device is able to locate the sound of glass breaking from a massive distance of 25 feet. The notification will directly send to the ring app on your device. You can easily connect the ring notifications with the alarm if you have any.

It offers the 24*7 monitoring of the system if you take the pro subscriptions of the ring protected app. You will get the sensor from company and can fix it against the wall or at your ceiling.

Features of the ring sensor

The sensor has some amazing technology used. It can easily distinguishes between the glass breaking sound and the sound of keys jangling and the dishes clattering. When it detect the glass breaking you will get the notification. Already present features in the sensor is ring alarm, outdoor contact sensor, indoor contact sensor, range extenders and motion detectors.

The product is available for sale in UK as well as US with the respective price of dollar 35 and dollar 39.99. The whole system comes in the bundle which has different sensors included. The whole setup is very easy to install with the help of ring mobile app. You can install the app in your devices like mobile phone and other gadgets like laptop and computer.

The sensor is very good for safety purposes. If it can really detect the glass breaking from 25 feet away then the crime rate will decrease a lot. Customers will get the notifications immediately and rush to the site. The sensor is very ideal for those houses who have more glass work done.  Do you believe that this can lower the crime rate to some extent?

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